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Posted by natethedawg at Feb 19, 2019 7:26:45 PM
Re: Bumper Boats on Anole!
This is old history from about a year ago and it seems there have been some misinterpretations and as I did with Paulisma I am more than happy to address any questions. However I don’t believe here on an event where we are trying to promote some fun on the ocean is the place to be bringing this up. However I will say that when we left, Jolly expressly agreed that the war frig was mine to keep. You’re welcome to reach out to me on Discord if you have any other questions or any other thoughts or suggestions on another event as we are hoping to run more! natedawg#8410. Event blockades are a fun aspect of the game that everyone can now participate in (thank you swabbies) with little to no cost to them and we can’t wait to bring more events to the ocean and are hoping everyone has fun this Saturday!
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