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Posted by thenatedogg at Feb 17, 2019 9:46:47 AM
Bumper Boats on Anole!

Hi all as promised Primordial Raiders will be giving away a shoppe to one lucky flag in a fun event so without further ado here are the details!

When - Saturday 2/23/19 at 9:30am GT

Where - Anole Gardens of course!

What - This will be a one round bumper boat event! What that means is that it will be sloops only, non sink, last one round, alliances ignored, cannons ineffective (this means you cannot shoot people you have to ram them to sink them thus the bumper boat part!)

Who - Flags that have NEVER dropped a war chest on Obsidian are the only flags that qualify for this event. Said flags will also need to have at least Established fame.

Why you may ask? We have been fortunate enough to be given many opportunities to grow as a flag from flags on both "sides" whether that has been shoppes from CIS and AH or the opportunity to cade Anole the first time from GW, to Frig giveaways last year from Brenda and we wish to give that opportunity to a new small flag that has not yet gotten onto the cade scene. We hope that the other "large" flags understand our intent and get behind it and maybe even help a small flag grow and throw them jobbing support!

Rules- Each flag may have no more than three ships on at a time! Pay cap is set at 3k per seg no tops or tokens please folks. Anyone in violation of this will be disqualified. To win you just need to score the most points in a round just like a normal cade, however to add some fun as it is after all Anole island with it's naming theme we are also adding a caveat. Ships producing the burning flotsam (AKA the flaming poop maneuver) and having an opposing flag run over it will get 10 extra bonus points for each new maneuver run into. In the event of a tie score once all this is calculated the winner will be the flag that produced the most flaming poop maneuvers.

Prizes - First place will be able to get a shoppe of either and iron monger or a distillery, no shipyard. If said winning flag does wish to grow their fleet they may by all means talk to us and I'm sure we can help them out however we wish to grow the economy of the island and we feel having two shipyards there does not do such. We hope that owning a different shoppe will prove profitable and a good learning experience to the new flag. Second Place will get a plain War Frig. Third Place will get a plain War Brig.

We at Primordial Raiders reserve the right to disqualify any flag that we feel is in violation of the spirit of this event. We also will keep the shoppe up for the winning flag provided that they are making sure to help grow the economy of the island or until we lose the island at which point we do not expect the new flag to uphold the prize. In the event we lose the island and retake it the shoppe plot will be used for another new fun give away that the winning flag of this event is more than welcome to join! We hope that this proves to be a fun event for the ocean!!
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