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Pillage "Quests" by Grandpa Stan
Chapter 1:.
On a dark cold wintery night, a small raft washed ashore the docks of Port Venture. Aboard it be one lowly pirate, rags and a foil were all he had to his name. Standing on the docks and looking around, he sees many pirates standing about. Dressed in the finest gold, wielding their skull daggers, to be like them, true pirates, soon became his dream.

But what is a pirate without vessel and neither silver nor gold he had in his pockets. He went to a shipyard and met the owner, "Sir, can you make me a fine vessel, so I may sail on the seas in search of glory", he asked. "Why yes I can" replied the owner, "For 16,000 PoE and 15 doubloons of course". The stowaway checked his pockets and nothing but lint did he find. He looked at the owner and with a wink he asked "Sir, is there any other form of payment you accept?". The owner thought long and hard and replied (much to the disappoint of the foul minded pirates reading this), "Find me materials to build you a vessel and you shall have it for free".

The Quest:
The first pirates to plunder any of the following items from a Brigand, Barbarian or a Merchant Vessel will receive a reward.

Wood(1) - Claimed by Peperox (500 PoE Reward)
Iron (1) - Claimed by Bisca (500 PoE reward)
Sail Cloth (1) - Claimed by Kamuflaro (1000 PoE reward)

- Ye may choose to claim the reward for any one item or all the items
- Anyone aboard any NON-NAVY ship may claim the reward, it is not restricted to just the captain of the ship.
- The pirate who first posts a screenshot on this thread showing the item, with the screenshot verifying that they are indeed on a pirate vessel, and they plundered the item from a Brigand, Barbarian or Merchant will be the one that receives the reward.
- Rewards are hidden and while they may start out small, they will evolve to bigger and better items as the story progresses.

Chapter 2

For seven days and seven nights, the stowaway pillaged and plundered along with three crews. Under the charge of the beautiful Captain Bisca, the first crew attacked several Merchant vessels, laying waste to their ships and seizing their goods. The second crew, captained by the affluent Captain Peperox, ambushed and sank a group of Brigand ships taking everything they had on board. The third and last crew, captained by the ferocious and merciless Captain Kamuflaro surrounded a fleet of barbarians, plundering their booties (in more ways than one), and leaving none alive. As part of the payments for his efforts, from Bisca, he received Wood (smh), from Peperox, Iron and from Kamuflaro, Sail Cloth.

The stowaway returned to the island of Port Venture, dragging his wares through the paved roads on a cart under the scorching sun and soon grew thirsty. He turned the corner and saw an inn with the sign "Thirsty Thursday" in front of it. Tying his cart to the back of the inn he walked in and ordered a mug of grog. Thirty rounds of Grog, 3 rumble brawls and a game of spades later, the stowaway laid his head on the edge of the spades table and passed out. 4 hours later, he woke up and stepped outside only to find out his cart had been ransacked and all his commodities stolen. He walked back inside, went straight to the innkeeper and asked, "Sir, all me wares 'ave been stolen from outside yer establishment, did ye hear any sounds or see anyone suspicious lurkin' about?". The innkeeper thought for a second and said "Aye, I do remember seein' a few scallywags about who looked like they didn' belong". The stowaway, with tears in his eyes pleaded with the innkeeper "Pray tell, wha' did ye see, fer th' items in th' cart are mighty important t' me". The innkeeper smiled and responded "I shall help ye but first ye 'ave t' do somethin' fer me. I 'ave well-nigh run out o' grog 'n will needs replenishment soon. Th' best grog on th' seven seas are brewed at th' Imperial Outpost camps in th' Ye Bloody Boundin' Main archipelago. Find me some 'n I shall help ye get yer rum back."

The Quest:

Our stowaway needs help plundering 100 units of grogs from IMPERIAL OUTPOST CAMPS.

Found: 50/50 Units
(Bisca - 16 | Stargazy - 34)


- You are not required to plunder all 100 Units by yourself but will be rewarded for every unit of grog you helped plunder.
- Screenshots posted must be of the chat screen that shows how much grog was received from the outpost.
- Rewards be given to each pirate who posts a screenshot of grog plundered till we get to 100 units. Happy hunting.
- Anyone aboard may claim the reward, it is not restricted to just the captain of the ship.
- - Rewards are hidden and while they may start out small, they will evolve to bigger and better items as the story progresses.

Once all the required items have been found, the next chapter of the story will continue. Thank you for participating.

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