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Posted by lilymoon at Feb 4, 2019 10:47:51 AM
Re: [Rendering Eggs 2019] Want to Help Test Renders?
I am posting this thread a bit early as I'm trying to get organized for this year's eggies and my availability may be a bit more limited than previous years. I am usually available during the day CST. Greylady should be available as well- but her hours always vary :)

Hopefully there will be some other lovely rendering volunteers available to help out with transforming the flat designs into rendered egg shapes. Thank you very much in advance if you can help!

Do you want to help your fellow pirates with renders? You can!

One of the biggest challenges with rendering eggs is having and then using the software needed. In order to render an egg please review these tutorials to help you render eggies! Software needed is 3DS Studio Max. You will also need Photoshop or other drawing program that offers transparent background and layer features (Gimp is another alternative).
3D Max 2018 with Photoshop Tutorial
2010 Studio Max with Gimp Tutorial

Once you have successfully learned to render eggs using the programs listed above you are more than welcome to start rendering for our lovely pirates!

If you would like to help render in this thread, please do the following:
1) post that you are rendering, then you can always update your post with the rendered egg(s). That way renderers will know not to render and it will also help waiting pirates know to add a new post with any additional renders they may need done (rather than updating an existing post).

2) Keep the naming scheme. Pirates tend to do multiple designs of the same skin, sometimes in the same render request post, so keeping the name intact with the skin name and number helps the pirates know which egg is which skin version.

If you have any questions please PM me and I'll help answer any questions you may have :)
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