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Posted by Leverh7 at Jan 31, 2019 9:15:21 PM
Re: Help with Distilling
at 8:40 it looks like he intends to pull the brown all the way up yet it stops halfway. This is what I'm talking about. It happens to me frequently and wastes a lot of time. I'll look into recording some sessions and report back. The new strategies I've picked up that help are the racetrack to get rid of the wedge that tends to build up as well as grouping a brown, black, and white to walk them across and remove bottled up browns up top.

EDIT: I watched more of the video. This is definitely what's happening to me except I don't use a simulator. I struggle with mouse precision I suppose. It can be a problem when dropping pieces in bnav as well. I hoped the new mouse would help but it hasn't. I've played around with the surface for my mouse as well (I've found that a softer surface helps some), but I'm still a long way away from the control I'd like. I guess I'll keep playing with mouse speed options, but I'm not sure what more I can do other than that. Maybe I'll try to focus on dragging in straight lines although that usually makes me go slower as well.

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