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Posted by runella at Jan 29, 2019 5:53:10 AM
Re: Let's make Puzzle Pirates Great Again
I am another player who's just come back after a very long hiatus, and although you make great suggestions, I don't think that any of them will make a difference at this point and time.

One problem is social media. Everyone abandoned the internet to be on it 24/7. It's not like back in the days when people didn't mind splitting up their internet time between different websites. Today, they just log into their favorite social media app and play all their games or surf the news on it. Consequently, a lot of games and popular sites have lost scores of visitors.

Another problem is YouTube. Gaming videos have been completely dominated by a small handful of elite Let's Players. Consequently, they can make or break a video game. If they don't cover certain games, those games will become as good as invisible in the public eye. Ironically, games that suck will see an astronomical number of players because it's played by some idiot who makes goofy faces and rape jokes on face cam.

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