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Posted by Grinfish at Jan 27, 2019 7:42:08 AM
Re: Let's make Puzzle Pirates Great Again
The game itself is now of age / retro, so it's understandable that the population has tapered off since the glory days. The ability to have full freeplay on doub oceans (whilst conversely being able to buy success rather than earn it) killed off sub oceans, the sale and eventual fail to SEGA killed off the financial and human resources to develop the game to any significant degree.

We're kinda lucky the damn thing still works at all. There's no expansive dev team remaining to create, test, communicate, retest and release a host of necessary upgrades/rebuilds and not enough income to pay one. Grey Havens are pretty much a small group of diehards who, like we remaining "old salts" don't want to see a beautiful piece of our gaming history dust.
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StuManchu puts the "sensual" back in "Nonconsensual"

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