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Posted by Scottays at Jan 26, 2019 10:01:14 PM
Re: Let's make Puzzle Pirates Great Again
Hello fellow pirates,

I recently signed up to play this game again after a long 10 year hiatus. Yes, you heard that right. I was playing this game back in 2008. No, even earlier if I recall correctly. Let's get into business. How to make this game great again.

1. Pathetic server populations. On weekend, this game maxes around 500 players across 3 servers. I don't even know why there are 7 servers if 4 of them are at 0 all the time.

2. Game hasn't changed in a decade. I assume this is because of a lack of budget funding to make changes and updates.

3. Lack of immersive experience. There are different islands, where your characters could physically be. But most of the play options, whether it is to do a job or play a game don't require your character to be in any specific location at all. All can accessed from the notice board. So what's the point? Also, players have no sense of where they are relative to others. The islands, the seas, they are fighting in, there is no sense of direction or a map even.

4. Lack of incentives. I understand a large of this game is devoted to "gaming activities" *cough "Gambling"., Which I fully support to and makes this game an enjoyable experience. But there is quite an imbalance of incentives. Why would anyone pursue other games if they can simply double up their bankroll by gambling in a game they are good at.

5. Skill grind. I'm not a big fan of grinding games in general. But since this is what puzzle pirates is. And is in fact an mmorpg, you cannot have a mmo without the grinding aspect. Otherwise there is no development. Which this game does not have. Players skills can jump up and down, and there are very little barriers to entry to most activities.

6. Target audience. This is by far, which is also why i think this game is failing. The game developers have no sense of who their demographic is. If there is a gambling aspect to this game.

I will discuss solutions to these problems at a later date. I welcome all critics and suggestions.

There is one solution to this, back in 2008 you could actually load SMHs on a daily basis, but now in 2019 thats not possible.
Which is why Skilled Swabbies is the future and only hope to help activity on the game again with a decreased pay of 95-99%.
Trophy Hunter - Scottys on Meridian.

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