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Posted by marie61 at Jan 23, 2019 2:04:19 PM
ice wolverines
I am bitter, frustrated and disappointed. I have been playing since Midnight was the only ocean. Not only do I not get a Jolly Roger this year, I am expected to know that a pet which has previously existed only on Obsidian is untradeable. I wouldn't play there if Cerulean shut down forever and I knew nothing about it that I didn't learn the first week it opened. Reading YPPedia, I see the reason they are untradeable on Obsidian does not apply here. Why would I think that after 15 years, GH would issue pets on Cerulean (other than rats) that cannot be traded? What is the difference between a wolverine from a mystery box and any other pet or familiar? There are other differences between oceans and I believe making wolverines tradeable on oceans other than Obsidian would be a good step towards making loyal longtime players feel less like red-headed stepchildren.
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