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Posted by Taskbeta at Jan 16, 2019 3:41:19 AM
Valentines Avatar Competition! -Win a Lobster- All Oceans! - Winners Announced!
When: Jan 17 - Feb 14 2019
For who: EVERYONE! :)

Artists all over the oceans gather around for a new event!

December Doodles are over... Eggs haven't started yet...
Lets do some avatars!
Valentines is coming up and I'm in the mood for some cutesy, spring, loveydovey avatars..
OR the complete opposite! Valentines can be a drag, heartbreaks...
Make me an avatar that's either pro or con-valentines. Anger.. or Love..?


1. Make a big version and then resize it so it can be used on the forums as an avatar.*
2. You may not copy your work from somewhere else, it has to be original art made by you.
3. One entry per person


1. Lovely Lobster
2. 4 silver chroma's
3. A Peachy Pelican

I promise the lobster will not be a tan or brown one.

The top 3 winners will also receive a wonderful flower trinket donated by Clotho.
Furthermore I will also have participation trinkets for EVERY artists that enters in this competition.
Prizes will be delivered on the ocean of your choice.

Please post your entries in this thread or in an PM to me.
Don't forget to add your pirate name and ocean with your entry!!!

If you wish to give me injuries: only an Eyepatch and Hook are accepted!
You are completely free in styles.
It may be manga, puzzle pirates, hand drawn, animated..
Whatever you like to do or find most fitting!
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me in a PM or in game.
Joining the competition gives me the right to use your avatar whether it won or not <3

I wish you all a lot of luck and have fun!

*The size of the forum avatars is 60,000 bytes. 150x150 pixels maximum.
My looks can be found on either Emerald & Obsidian.. but to make it a bit easier, here's a link to my large gallery on Emerald. I look the same on Obsidian but I have more portraits on Emerald :P
Bisca - Emerald & Obsidian

Avvy by: Jellyx

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