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Posted by Buttalettuce at Jan 3, 2019 9:28:56 PM
Triplet's Treasure Naming Contest
Current Names (I'll update whenever I get a chance):

As stated in our intent, we're doing a naming contest for the buildings we're planning on placing on Triplet's Treasure if we succeed in taking it, in an effort to have every building have a great name (as opposed to coming up with them all myself, and having that one name where you go "Gee, I could come up with a better name whilst hungover from New Year's Eve!").

As a Flag, we decided to follow a naming scheme either relating to 3 (three, tri, triplet, trio, stuff that comes in three's, etc), or related to treasure. We've also decided to have the following buildings (in roughly this building order):

Shipwright Bazaar:
Ironworking Bazaar:
Estate Agent:
Shipyard (Flag's):
Distilling Bazaar:
Shipyard/Ironmonger (Public):
Black Market:
Housing (undecided):


1. List your pirate's name (or a pirate you're posting for if they don't use the forum), and copy the above list of buildings, and do either of the following under each building (you can erase any building you leave blank):
- List a unique name you want to submit for the cash prize (can be done as many times as you wish, and you can spam as many names in a post as you can)
- Pick a name already listed that you like as your vote (one vote per building per person)

2. Due to the "first come, first serve" nature of coming up with names, make a new post if you want to change your votes or have new names. Please don't edit any existing posts containing name submissions.

3. The name should follow either of the "Three" or "Treasure" (you are free to suggest names unrelated to these, though unless they're popular, will probably not be picked).

4. Likewise, the names should be for the listed buildings above we're planning on constructing, though you are free to come up for names for other building as well (See note 2).

The contest will be ongoing until all the building slots on Triplet's Treasure are filled. That being said, you obviously won't win if you suggest a name for a building that's already built, so I'd prioritise names for the building at the top of the list.

20k PoE to the pirate (on Obsidian) who first came up with the name used when the appropriate building finishes construction.

1. When we control the island, names will be chosen based on the opinions of the members of Black Plague, though if a name is well liked by the public (due to votes and repeats), then it will be the main deciding factor (unless it's a troll name).
2. If we don't control the island and a building is constructed with a name from the list, then I'll pay whoever first came up with the name chosen by the ruling flag (I'll be a good sport about this, and assume they'll choose well liked names).
3. I'll only pay for the name used in the original building, meaning if a building is renamed/rebuilt/replaced with a different name, then there'll be no prize given out.

Hopefully we come up with some awesome names, no matter who takes control of the island, and good luck to everyone suggesting names!
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