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Posted by Hera at Dec 29, 2018 1:08:21 PM
Re: [Event] 2018 December (not) Daily Doodle, Lolcat Carol! Deadline 10:00am 29 December
Yarr! The end of another year of (not) Daily Doodles! I love lolcats, and I lol'd at every one here.

The winner, getting themselves a standard renamed sloop (Grumpy Cat), a winter ornament trinket and, best of all, a HERA EGG, HUZZAH! (oh, and one of those shiny sun points too - but that is less exciting than Hera Egg, right? RIGHT???), is Bisca of Obsidian !

Congratulations! Your new ship is in your inventory, but you will need to trade it to an alt and back again for it to display correctly.

Thank you again to all who entered!
Sun says, "Selling Hera, one careful owner, slightly foxed, very Zeused, for 800 million billion PoE, 250 indigo ribbons, a chipmunk familiar called Robin and a piece of moss!"

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