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Posted by Clotho at Dec 20, 2018 5:42:53 PM
[Event] 2018 December (not) Daily Doodle: 'Twas the Night Before... Singing! Winners Announced!

'Twas the Night Before... Singing!

Today, we uphold that time-honored pirate tradition to sing a shanty at any possible opportunity.

* First, choose a holiday song you like and tweak the lyrics to make them piratey style.
* Round up friends, relatives, and possibly complete strangers
* Perform the song, with your friends and relatives helping out AND adding anything piratey to the performance ("I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (chorus of YARRRRRR!)", "Come, they told me pa-ru-pu-pu-pum (chorus of RUM! RUM! RUM!", etc)
* Rehearsal is optional, but recommended
* You can sing unaccompanied, or you can provide your own accompaniment, or you can source your own (public domain) backing track, or you can record using a karaoke site.
* Record yourself somehow
* Upload your file to a web space or file hosting service, and copy the link for the file.
* Make sure (get a mate to check) that your file can be accessed and played without signing in, registering, membership or delayed download!
* I'm looking for a fun and enthusiastic performance that spreads enjoyment. I'm also looking for heart-felt piratey additions to the song!

As a reminder, please read the general rules before posting.

Your post should include:
* Pirate name and ocean
* Link to your recording
* Your lyrics
* You may also choose to give a shout-out to your singing minions.

This contest will run from Thursday to Thursday, to give everyone a chance to faint and recover.

Go Doodle!

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