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Posted by Filthyjake at Dec 20, 2018 4:20:31 AM
Re: yet another dead island coming to obsidian!
The only relevant GD problem here is that greenies should spawn on more/most populated isles.

Everyone spawns on Port Venture so it is not an issue they can see all the dock tarts.

Triplet will be the 4th colonized island that spawns sugar cane, out of a total of 9 on Obsidian. Sugar cane is a REAL pain to move, so if the economy of triplet isn't strong enough to use all that sugar cane, then people will have to waste time shipping it to where it can be used. And the price everywhere else will go up.

I haven't seen this. While I would like to have seen a island that spawns wood open, I think adding island open will help.

The swabie update made soloing MG easy so moving stock is easier, Haven't tried GF but soloing shouldn't be hard if you can dnav.
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