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Posted by Grinfish at Dec 19, 2018 12:23:31 PM
Re: yet another dead island coming to obsidian!
It's nothing to do with opening islands - it's to do with the dark/light autowhisk and PV-LH-NH free whisk mechanic making re-homing in the three base archipelagoes pointless.

Dark side PCs shouldn't be able to free-whisk from PV to LH.

Light side PCs shouldn't be able to free-whisk from PV to NH.

Once a pirate takes one side or the other, the other whisk option should close down.

Sadly the alt account Invite/Jobbing loophole is probably unavoidable. Boo.

Gallery free whisks should only be available to some combination of crew/flagmates/hearties of the residents, with a global option for a limited period of time at a cost (example - host an open party at a gallery with free whisk for X hours for X PoE/Doubloons)
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