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Posted by Filthyjake at Dec 18, 2018 7:01:39 PM
Re: yet another dead island coming to obsidian!
I don't know why people setting islands to home matters much, other then whisking there automatically.

I am happy to have new islands coming into the game as they have building limits and I enjoy bid tickets over relying on swabies bringing me comods.

As of now there still isn't gem running maybe won't ever be, but with the size of the ocean it could be a lot of fun.

It would be nice to see some islands up in the wild seas open for stocking but I am sure they have a plan and are going in order.

Its going to be a good Opening weekend for kades on Obsidian as Melenester the only Large has no shops as all dusted while in BK control, and a new island opening with empty plots again and the option to name things and set up the island will be fun for who ever takes it. Not sure how we can get more activity on the islands if they are uncolonized.

Of course NH, LH, PV will be larger as they are safe locked in tax rates under OM control. Mel is the only large island and was the first it gained many stalls..

Unless my math is wrong there is only possible for there to be 16 actual shops on the ocean so the addition of a new island will make 18 actual shops. With the 10 dusted on Melenester there are only 6 player owned shops are open producing for the owner and maybe friends.
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