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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Nov 9, 2018 11:38:46 PM
Re: It's time! 2018 Pirate Awards
Pirates Awards 2018

The Most Beloved Pirate - Crimsonator
The Most Hated Pirate
The Most Annoying Pirate - Dateable
The Most Entertaining Pirate - Wodmorgs
The Most Overated Pirate
The Most Underated Pirate - Ttoonnyy
The Most Political Pirate
The Most Drama-Free Pirate - Wodmorgs
The Biggest Scandel! - Ocean-masters favouritism towards Aramis in Gold Boxes
The Biggest Ego - Any Blockade Navigator
The Biggest Forum Troll - Hidemyhoney
The Biggest Dock Tart - Peaced (The dude has 4000 hours of it already)
The Biggest Modesty - Rock
The Biggest Shock - RMT un-bans
The Biggest Blockade Upset
The Biggest Blockade Domination
The Best Tournament Pirate - Veganism
The Best Competition Pirate - Nickbush
The Best Pirate on your Hearty List - Drunkness
The Best SMH'er (Atlantis/HS) Of the Year - Technitium
The Best PvP Naver of the year
The Best CI Naver of the Year - Triplepat
The Best Blockade Naver of the Year
The Best Blockade Non-Nav Staff (LA/XO etc) of the Year - Nielseman
The Best Blockade Nav Team of the Year
The Best Pillage Bnaver of the Year - Stan
The Best Flotilla Naver of the Year
The Best Blockade of the Year
The Best Couple - Rock & Salvy
The Best Crew of the Year - Inglorious Basterds
The Best Flag of the Year - Consider it Sunk
The Best Flag Alliance Ring of the Year
The Best Pirate - Ozzy
Jjc on Emerald
CI booty division stats

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