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Posted by anchovygirl at Nov 9, 2018 7:15:28 PM
Amateur Hour's Intent to Defend Melanaster
Yes, it's us again. Obsidian's resident amateurs trying their hand at blockading again.

Whilst some of us (i.e. me) are feeling like this about doing 'cade prep

The rest of the AH 'cade team is feeling like this

Our plans should we win:
- Spam Demeter until she moves the inn (jk, don't want to get banned, but the move is in progress).
- Give the remaining two shoppes away. One will be a forum based event (yes, it will involve the pawprint on Melanaster). The other event will be in-game.
- If there is not much demand at the AH SY, then we will also give this away in an event.
- Continue to check in with those flags that got in touch about wanting to blockade, fortunately they have plenty of targets to choose from! If any of the owners acquire another shoppe, we will discuss with them about redistributing any extra shoppes.

Blockade deets!
- Jobbing starts at 11am game time. Sorry, we won't be hosting a pillage before then, wouldn't want our jobbers getting tired!
- Items, pets and familiar giveaways throughout the blockade.
- Pay starting at 5k, with 1k for tops and tokens.

See you all there!

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