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Posted by Discriminate at Nov 9, 2018 3:24:26 PM
Re: It's time! 2018 Pirate Awards
The Most Beloved Pirate: Aeri
The Most Hated Pirate: Emerlaus
The Most Annoying Pirate: Nexal
The Most Entertaining Pirate: Robinhoodx
The Most Overated Pirate: Betty
The Most Underated Pirate: Bobswald
The Most Political Pirate: Pasteyman
The Most Drama-Free Pirate: Dazeyinez
The Biggest Scandel: Stalls closing
The Biggest Ego: Joshsivils
The Biggest Forum Troll: Spicydip
The Biggest Dock Tart: Smurfy
The Biggest Modesty: Nielseman
The Biggest Shock: Daggy naving for GW against AH
The Biggest Blockade Upset: CiS week 2 second Mela kades
The Biggest Blockade Domination: Any kade vs Ape
The Best Tournament Pirate: Wintertide
The Best Competition Pirate
The Best Pirate on your Hearty List: Aeri
The Best SMH'er (Atlantis/HS) Of the Year: Mstrshredder
The Best PvP Naver of the year: Bobswald and his alts
The Best CI Naver of the Year
The Best Blockade Naver of the Year Joshsivils
The Best Blockade Non-Nav Staff (LA/XO etc) of the Year: Nielseman duh lel
The Best Blockade Nav Team of the Year: AH prime time
The Best Pillage Bnaver of the Year: Stan
The Best Flotilla Naver of the YearMartobain
The Best Blockade of the Year
The Best Couple Azy and Aazy
The Best Crew of the Year Bandits
The Best Flag of the Year Pull Out/Clap Back :)
The Best Flag Alliance Ring of the Year AH/CiS
The Best Pirate: Discriminate :)

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