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Posted by Grinfish at Nov 8, 2018 2:43:11 PM
Re: Amateur Hour Shoppe Giveaway - War Frig Race
No problem!

On the practical side: Greater labour throughput, increased storage capacity, mercantile presence (a name appears on the island map and has it's own identity beyond "X's tiny box in a bazaar"). All fairly benign in the grand scheme of things but still notable as tangible benefits.

To my knowledge, there hasn't been an apoth shop on the ocean to date - happy to be corrected on that if otherwise - that would make it an Ocean First.

The appearance of an apothecary shoppe is unique, it always seems a shame to have an unused aesthetic package that someone put time and effort into creating. It's one more interesting thing for a player to discover.

Lastly - but the reason I made the offer - because it would have been amusing. In an ocean blanketed with SY/IM/Dist and very little else (How long did it take to get a Tailor shoppe? Any Weaveries? Furnishers?) it would have made a fun change to the dust/repeat cycle the martial trifecta go through constantly, and brought a little more quirkiness back.
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