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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 8, 2018 8:03:41 AM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Remember guys, its not enough to just post about this on the forums, we have to also follow the protocols as directed by the OMs for reporting issues.
- Send in Bug Reports via the Game. If you're having issues with that, let someone know
- Send an email to detailing what you're experiencing with screenshots if you have them.
- If you're in a jam that needs immediate assistance, file a petition in-game.

- If you witness anything whether it's something already covered in this thread or something new, that has to do with Pillaging and is not a request for new features, please also post it here.

With any luck we will/may have gotten the attention of the OMs/Game developers and can hopefully get something fixed. It's pretty sad to see an empty Notice board with 150+ people online You guys have spent a lot of time/money on this game and shouldn't sit by and watch it go further downhill due to bugs that can be fixed if attention is brought to it.

@Forculus, We aren't requestiing any new features or even a reversal of the updates. Prior to the updates, we could pillage with bare minimum people on the ships (without swabbies) and not get outnumbered and penalized in pay. Please make it possible that this can be the case again or tell us this is permanent so we can find ways to cope with it.

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