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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 7, 2018 12:16:56 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
I haven't joined a pilly in forever so I plead ignorance there. But from your sharings, it sounds like the swabbies update have forced pillagers towards the extremes. Either:
Use a sloop (which is more reasonable to fully load and have 0 hoppers until port) or
Adopt the greedybash format.
Is that bad? Kinda. Baghlah/WB pillies look borderline impossible to run at Wild Seas from your screenshots, but maybe this is just the way things have to be. The reality is that the active playerbase simply isn't large, not to mention the online population during "bad hours of the day". Seeing as GH doesn't seem to be doing much to grow the playerbase, it's natural that Baghlah pillies can't stick around forever, much less remain effective at Wild Seas. Maybe it's time to move to sloops for authentic pillies?

Nothing has really changed much in terms of the population to require a switch to a smaller ship. The guys that run 7-man sloops on the wild seas (Talked to Solitude and Gembert) have recently been plagued with Longship, MB and Baghlah battles, which, while doable, are can be unnecessarily challenging. Prior to the update, even on days where I could only get 9 people on a baghlah, we still had decent spawns (15-18 bots on WBs, Baghlahs, Junks and MBs), and we did not get penalized in terms of pay because we did not use swabbies. I posted a screenshot logs earlier in the thread and you can see what the pay was like.

Wild Seas Pillaging is still feasible, we don't need a roll-back on the update, we just need testing to be done on these updates (Ice) before it is implemented on the oceans. I'll be happy to spend all my free time helping to test any pillage related update on Ice. I believe the problem is simply with the Swabbie slider on the voyage configuration screen. The slider already helps select how many bots you want aboard the ship, spawns should be able to take that setting into account, so those of us running ships at 0% swabbies aren't getting penalized.

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