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Posted by Kyura94 at Nov 7, 2018 11:18:03 AM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Just some thoughts.

Stan wrote: 
Unfortunately, on the Wild Seas, at the highest difficulty, it does not make sense to even have one swabbie aboard. You get significantly penalized in the payout when you win with swabbies aboard and will be restricted to the kind of Pay that you experience around Port Venture. My only option has been to sail around with vessels full of Pirates, which can be very challenging at hours of the days where the population is very low..

I haven't joined a pilly in forever so I plead ignorance there. But from your sharings, it sounds like the swabbies update have forced pillagers towards the extremes. Either:
  • Use a sloop (which is more reasonable to fully load and have 0 hoppers until port) or
  • Adopt the greedybash format.
Is that bad? Kinda. Baghlah/WB pillies look borderline impossible to run at Wild Seas from your screenshots, but maybe this is just the way things have to be. The reality is that the active playerbase simply isn't large, not to mention the online population during "bad hours of the day". Seeing as GH doesn't seem to be doing much to grow the playerbase, it's natural that Baghlah pillies can't stick around forever, much less remain effective at Wild Seas. Maybe it's time to move to sloops for authentic pillies?

Stan wrote: 
1. Regardless of what % you set the swabbie configuration slider to, the spawns you generate still see your ship as full or swabbies and we get very outnumbered in the frays
The swabbies update gave players more swabbies, seems only fair that enemy spawns get more swabbies too. Whether or not you maximise the swabbies given to you is a trade-off you decide for yourself between Difficulty and Payout. This bit sounds somewhat fair to me.

Stan wrote: 
3. Brigand King expos you get from battles are have gotten worse significantly. The frays have gone from 15 v 25 or 18 v 27 to things like 12 v 32, 18 v 40 which even at a perfect bnav score of Max-0, is highly unwinnable.

This experience comes to mind. Thereafter there was a release patch to address this, but yeah they probably overcompensated for whatever was broken. Should be something easy to tweak once more, they just need to get around to doing it.
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