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Posted by Filthyjake at Nov 7, 2018 6:36:26 AM
ok its broken
Are you actually defending 3v6 on the easiest route in the game, while set to easy/easy?

Well the fact that they were all very winnable as the bots are so bad. I am not a good SF but can easily take the Ultimate bots...

Did the same on Emerald I got orange Dhow, i wont' pic spam that test but it shows the same issue there as you said Pat.

On to the issue of the game seeing ships full that are not. I have chosen to look at the might ring as it should show the streanth of the ship and the fight you will find should you engage. It is the only measure I know of that accesses the ships battle.

Looked into the clam that the states
One important factor that goes into the strength of a might ring is the number of pirates on board

A full ship vs a ship with one of the same size both produced the same green ring. This backs up the claim that the game sees the ships as full even when there is only one jobber. Used the largest equal ship I had at the same island.

Looked into the claim
Another factor that determines the strength of the might ring is the skill of the pirates on board. Carousing puzzles do not factor into this, nor do crafting puzzles. Thus, the only statistics that factor into the might ring calculations are those of duty puzzles such as sailing or carpentry. It is not known exactly how each pirate's statistics factor into the might ring, but a higher puzzle standing will lead to a stronger might ring.

Also False, a stat less pirate (waste of 8 dubs). to My main same ring.
Hired both ships ring did not change.

Filled the ship of equal size on both ships with bots again no change. The game is recognizing a single pirate(laborjake) with no stats equal to the ability of 1 good pirate(filthyjake) and a ship full of bots.

Clearly these are not equal and should launch the El Pollo Diabloas 30 vs 1 should.

It is less noticeable on the smaller ships as getting spawns of 2-1 isn't that bad as most players are better then the NPC's.

Took out a a WB this with stat less pirate. Spawn was still 2-1 set at 50% that gave me a MG with 22 which easily beat my WB with 11 despite the MG having 70% damage and the WB 10%.

I don't see a fast or easy fix just like the owls there are some who love the swabies and the exploit that allows 3 players to go out and destroy large ships for the poe.... It has destroyed legit large ship pillages the same as the set up sinks sunk legit pvp's. (Not dragging the dead birds in other then to show that the ignored problem/bug/exploit has led to more upset pirates, no matter what they do),

Love the swabie up date for stock moves...hate what it has done to the legit larger ship pillages which it was intend to help. No win If I had to vote I would as that the swabie update be reversed until it can be implemented properly and successfully, perhaps test it out on Ice or that other ocean that starts with E.

I don't think it is as large of issue with smaller ships.

The pay ramp is also very jacked up and never disagreed with that.

People coming and going shouldn't destroy the effect of the ships spawns either. a ship that is out for 10 battles takes the same risks staying out even if there are people hoping on and off.
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