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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 7, 2018 5:19:05 AM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
The configuration slider for swabbies seems to only control the amount of swabbies. Regardless of the route and your difficulty settings, your spawns will still behave as if you have a full ship aboard. If you take Filthyjake's screenshots without reading any of the things he wrote, it supports this claim too. In my experience (Doing nothing but BNav for years straight), the spawn for a ship is rarely ever more than x2 the amount of pirates (+swabbies) aboard. A sloop with 3 aboard usually had 5-6 at the most, and that certainly has better odds of winning than having 7-8.

@Filthyjake mate, I appreciate the tutorial on how the configuration sliders on the voyage settings work. I'd be honest, it really made me laugh. It's not about finding settings on a configuration that makes the game easy enough for a "Paragon/Ultimate/#1" Battle Navigator to enjoy the game again. It's about pointing out that regardless of what you set the ship to, if you don't have the maximum amount of swabbies aboard the ship, you're going to be very outnumbered everytime. That's the problem, even at Easy/Average setting like your screenshots showed.

Unfortunately, on the Wild Seas, at the highest difficulty, it does not make sense to even have one swabbie aboard. You get significantly penalized in the payout when you win with swabbies aboard and will be restricted to the kind of Pay that you experience around Port Venture. My only option has been to sail around with vessels full of Pirates, which can be very challenging at hours of the days where the population is very low..

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