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Posted by patgangster at Nov 7, 2018 2:56:46 AM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Are you actually defending 3v6 on the easiest route in the game, while set to easy/easy?

This is NOT only on obsidian. Here's me on emerald, same settings as you had.

My first battle I was attacked by this FANCHUAN.

Threw me straight into a 3v7.

Tell me how this is in any way fair at all.

Look at your own stats.
4 Battles All Green 3 wins 1-L
B1 Sloop 3 vs 6 Lost killed 5 Dnav Fine
B2 Sloop 3 vs 6 Won No Dnav
B3 Sloop 6 vs 6 Won Dnav Good
B4 Sloop 6 vs 7 Won Dnav Fine

There is (nearly?) NO DIFFERENCE for the amount of enemies you see between you having one and two swabbies, and getting your boat up to six total.

Then you swap your slider to difficult, spawn a 3v8, get completely destroyed, still on the easiest route in the game. Swap to evading (which is like minimum settings / avoid spawns mode, deleting any booty ramp), and still for some reason continue your testing, still getting into 3v6 fights.

@GH/Forculus please fix pillaging.


somewhat unrelated:

The size of ship does not factor into the might ring calculations. Thus, one pirate on a sloop might view one pirate on a war brig as having a similar might ring.

This page is outdated. As of march 2009, the firepower of ships is considered in their might rating.
TriplePat, Emerald.

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