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Posted by Filthyjake at Nov 6, 2018 9:54:55 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Just because a lot of people agree doesn't make something correct.

Again the difficultly curve is sharp on obsidian. You can continue to ignore it but its a fact. The curve has been catching up since 2017 as people don't start with high stats they come and casual players take longer to get to it. Again this is a fact that is why many rush to get Ult trophies in the beginning I my self have some that I couldn't get ult in now if I wanted, so the curve of the puzzle is increased.

I don't battle any ships with "red rings", all these battle screenshots i'm posting are all yellow to orange, even with them being this outnumbered. I never engage any ship by myself, all the ships were spawned by the game based on the people I have aboard my vessel, and the ships engaged me. If your argument is that we are battling red ships that completely outnumber us, like the bolded part of yppedia quote, then there is something broken with the might ring calculators if red ships are being generated and engaging player ships

If the players on the ship are Above average as they are how can the battle be hard with out more pirates? If your all ready top level you can't fight a top level bot that would be an even fight, however you can battle 2 or 1.5 per 1 to increase difficultly.

Is your solution that we ignore this "non-bugs", ignore any issues wild seas may have, move all our ships away from the arch and pretend like everything is normal, and battle green ships at Port Venture instead?

Not at all but if you would try to lower the difficultly slider you will find that the battles do as they should they become easier in number and skill and pillaging can become enjoyable again.

u're in no way helping this situation at all Jake, you're running circles around what people agree is an issue, making it personal attack on me,

How are you helping by tossing up your arms and please what personal attack. The fact that you want me to go away because you don't agree with me isn't likely.

derailing the thread with things that are not even remotely close to issue

such as? speaking of personal attacks

Quit distracting from the issue, if you don't see any problem with it, move on to something else and ignore this thread please. If we get a confirmation from an Oceanmaster/Developer that nothing is broken and everything is working perfectly as intended, everything here will be dropped and no one will ever hear me complain about this ever again.

Like it or not you asked for the help on your crew page to prove your argument. My information collection has lead me to believe that your information assumption is false and this is a curve issue not a bug from the game its a issue with to many top end players and a harsh curve. Oddly like many of the puzzles on this ocean and the problem being unique to Obsidian.

Data to back my hypothesis: I would be glad to test it with a few people on larger ships but soloing larger ships isn't fun and doesn't end well.

Voyage 50% Swabies Easiest Difficultly

I had 2 bots and myself, only spawned sloops of which the last was full the rest were not.

4 Battles All Green 3 wins 1-L
B1 Sloop 3 vs 6 Lost killed 5 Dnav Fine
B2 Sloop 3 vs 6 Won No Dnav
B3 Sloop 6 vs 6 Won Dnav Good
B4 Sloop 6 vs 7 Won Dnav Fine

Same Route: Voyage 50% Swabies Hardest Difficultly
D1 Orange Dhow 3v8 killed 2
D2 Orange Faunch 3 v 8
Destroyed switched to evading
D3 Green Sloop 3v6 Win
D4 Green Sloop Disengaged

Loss and forgot pics
No Fray pics fail..




Hard Difficultly



D4 dissed
Filthyjake all oceans (Obsidian Primary)
Filthyjake6145 (discord)
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