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Posted by thenatedogg at Nov 6, 2018 9:06:25 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
I have been a bystander on this way too long and should have spoken up a long time ago. I LOVE to pilly and this “bug” design flaw whatever you want to call it is no good. I loved the swabbies update because for a while it did what it was supposed to, revive the pillies. But now it’s hurting the game. Stan is 100% right the might of the ship and payouts are hurt badly post update. People left for bashing as it makes more money myself included but it doesn’t build community and excludes the average and below average player. Worse yet it hurts the new player as they will bottom line make less and see few to no pillies on the board. I still for the record try to run pillies and have a lot of fun when they fill. Add onto this issue however the fact that the ocean is dying down even in the European time zone where the most players are online on this ocean and you have the following- few pillies cause they don’t make poe, few to no large ship floats or SMH runs cause they don’t fill and all that leaves you are KH, forage and CI which save forage are elitist anyway! Bottom line you hurt the game. I have never been suspended or banned and am #2 bnav right below Stan so if my chiming in and pointing this out helps the OMs wake up a bit then I’m happy. (Even though I want Stan to pause so I can finally have #1 nav lol) Jokes aside please at least let us know that you care and are going to try to work on it or are working on it. Thanks!!
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