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Posted by Filthyjake at Nov 6, 2018 6:37:24 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Lets not worry ourselves with what I need to do as an individual pirate to get around this bug. We agree that there's an issue, lets focus on bringing attention to it so it can be fixed.

What if what your calling a bug isn't a bug. This is my point. There may not be anything broken.

If an Elite Ship pulling Excellent and Incredible is out seeking a hard battle set by the slider I am referring too. So you have A full ship of these elite pirates, hunting hard battles, or very hard in the case of BK's.

How is the game to make the battle and fray hard or very hard when the players are topping the scale on such an elite ship with out adding more pirates.

I am all for experimenting and playing with it I am simply pointing out if you have a Full ship of Elite Pirates and you get a battle of double the average (fine/good)(Proficient/Distinguished) pirates in pvp the elites(Exl/Incred) will likely win.

Perhaps PVE has been adjusted to this curve much like other puzzles on Obsidian. I haven't pillaged on Emerald ect... but no on from the classic oceans seems to be having issues. If it is a curve based issue on an elite ocean it may not be broken just as Distilling is not broken just sucks the way it is.

Yes I am aware it was possible to go destroy red ships over and over before, maybe that was the broken part and now that more pirates are established the curve has been corrected sharply to challenge the most elite station/frayers.

I guess my plee to you is lets gather data if you want to find out if not I understand but I also understand why they are ignoring the issue if its a curve issue not a bug.

I find it odd that Green might rings have even numbers while Red might ring are out numbered most times. Seems like they may just be working fine.

Your crew statement asked for help here I am just offing a different view Every Curve on Obsidian is Sharp as its a ocean of elite pirates.

Take it for what it is worth but it is a possibility.

Several factors go into the color of a ship's might ring relative to another ship. One important factor that goes into the strength of a might ring is the number of pirates on board. A ship with many more pirates on board is likely to have a higher might ring than a ship with only a few pirates. Another factor that determines the strength of the might ring is the skill of the pirates on board.

The size of ship does not factor into the might ring calculations. Thus, one pirate on a sloop might view one pirate on a war brig as having a similar might ring.

Ships with easier might rings may bring easier fights, but they will often bring in less booty, and attacking stronger might rings can often lead to losses

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