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Posted by Pasteyman at Nov 6, 2018 6:34:41 PM
Re: Please at least try to fix the big issues
Stan wrote:
so I need you guys' help.

I can't speak to pillaging mechanics like some can, and I can't write this post without being honest that I have profited off of the new update via GF greedy runs, however I can speak to the fact that as a pirate, new to Obsidian, coming back to the came in mid-December, that Stan's pillages are the reason I stuck around. It was nice to go on a voyage, beginning the savings for my badges & stalls, and expecting a payout of 2.5-3k+ per battle.

Stan, and other pillagers of his ilk, provide the backbone of the game for players who enjoy puzzling for their money. I went on one of his pillages last night, and the battles were something like 10 humans on our ship, vs. 27 Wild Seas bots. If you're a really good battle navigator, these battles are winnable, but even then it is a close fight every time. It gives no opportunity for anyone to branch out and try it, as they know it will be a stock sink/waste of time.

Stan has been making it up to jobbers by paying the difference in lack of pay to the people puzzling for him, which he shouldn't have to do, but I think the real problem here isn't necessarily the nerf in pay, but the fact that so many of these battles are simply unwinnable with this new update. We've all faced the fact that the population is declining, but the game is still fun, but little bugs like this which make a big aspect of the game almost unplayable is a big turn off for people. It's hard to fill a baghlah, for example, to 18 at 8pm GT. Why should the 10 jobbers be penalized with a subpar pillage, when it is an easily fixed solution (revert it back to the way it was).

It might be wishful thinking, or it might just be that we haven't adapted yet, but I do think it wrong that this has been a talked about problem being neglected & not addressed for several months now.
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