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Posted by Filthyjake at Nov 6, 2018 5:06:08 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Don't make me out to be the bad guy here.

Not making you a bad guy. You either like pillaging or not. I don't enjoy running them for lots of reasons. I love going on them. Your arguments are not wrong however I have spent the entire day on pillages (as I was off work). Green ships provided even numbers M-0 very easy wins. I went solo faunch set to hard same route. Was out numbered all battles set average I out numbered them. Just saying if you slide the other slider you may find the balance. Deep red ships will be very difficult and again are fun but you will lose hard fights. Your many arguments point out to the pay cut, while I agree its annoying they nerfed all pay outs most people here buy dubs with CC's now as new people can't even play for free due to the stupidly high dub prices and the lack of ability to be jobbed.

You are not a bad guy, I am annoyed your answer is to quit doing what you do as your pillages an asset to the game as a whole and something I looked forward as do many. the last two I planed on attending left me disappointed by a early start and a cancellation. You don't owe the ocean pillages but don't think your pillages don't bring your flag support, and the ocean life. Again you set out looking for the hardest battles you will find them. Enjoy distilling I have found it as frustrating as the social side of this game.
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