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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 6, 2018 4:49:33 PM
Re: Reasons I got banned.
Don't make me out to be the bad guy here, I'm here to have fun on the game just like everyone else. You find puzzling and pillaging in general fun, I find challenges fun. I will forever remain grateful that I was allowed to return to the game, and if the pillages I ran weren't evidence of that, I'm not sure what is. I'm not quitting the game or even quitting pillaging, but take it like a real life job: If you have a job and all of a sudden your pay is significantly lowered for no reason, and your work load is increased, and everytime you complain, you get blown off or completely ignored, how likely are you to continue working as hard as you did?

My morale has significantly lowered in the last week or two and only very few people seem to care. When folks start making an attempt to at least join in trying to help get this fixed, I can promise you I'll run the best f'ing pillages you'll ever go on. Until then, I'll be focusing on parts of the game that I don't get to enjoy due to always bnaving like jobbing for other people. Who knows, maybe I'll even learn how to distill.

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