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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 6, 2018 6:50:24 AM
Re: Please at least try to fix the big issues
From the other navvers that use smaller ships, they are plagued with longships when they have 5/6 people aboard. If you've never battled a longship with a sloop, it's a bit of a nightmare for even the better navvers. I've been able to convince full ships to commit to port to port on baghlahs and fanchuans but the problem is the pay sucks, and it significantly limits the amount of battles I'd be able to do in one go.

Regarding the 'bribes", tbh they are ridiculously fun for me, I put stuff in those boxes that I want to win myself (and sometimes, I get to win too). I think it sucks that the only things we can get on a pillage are a chair, a table, a pelican and a lobster in terms of items. After you get one of each, it loses its meaning significantly, At least on SMHs, there's some sort of variety to reduce redundancy. I have however run extremely low on things to giveaway other than PoE and the rest of my familiars and I don't wish to run boring pillages so taking a bit of a break. If more people can help voice their opinions maybe we can get a fix sooner or later cos I know from the tells I get about it that I'm not the only one with these issues. Unfortunately the word of a recently unbanned player carries no weight with the OMs/Devs so I need you guys' help.

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