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Posted by Filthyjake at Nov 6, 2018 6:25:25 AM
Please at least try to fix the big issues
Have you tried smaller ships? Its much easier to find 4-5 people to commit to a port to port pillage.

As far as your bribes well you don't need them your pillages are above par and I don't think many come for the bribes. Yes they are nice the added competition of your box pillages are fun even though I miss more then they hit its just a twist of fun.

The pay bribes I can only speak for my self... People seem to think this game is all about the poe but for me its about a good time, relaxing and if I have the poe to play the game I am good, sadly the hyper inflated dub prices and the nurfing of many paying parts of the game has hurt the game as well.

Only a few more bad decisions for the game and well we won't have to leave we just won't have anywhere to go.
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