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Posted by Stan5 at Nov 6, 2018 6:04:32 AM
Clickbait >> Reasons I got banned.<< Do not click
Sorry for the click-bait title, and sorry to disappoint but I'm not banned, not yet at least. I do need your help with something though.
I am unable to no longer enjoy the Wild Seas Pillaging as the bugs that came with the July swabbie updates have made it impossible to run a good pillage without having a full ship and practically begging/bribing people to stay aboard. This is not a plea to get greedy bashing patched or nefed but a plea to help get the following bugs addressed:

1. Regardless of what % you set the swabbie configuration slider to, the spawns you generate still see your ship as full or swabbies and we get very outnumbered in the frays. This is especially on the Wild Seas Arch pillages, I'm not sure what's going on elsewhere. This has led to frays like 10 v 24, 12 v 25.

2. Even with the frays being very loop-sided, the pay has significantly dropped after the update. With any luck, if you can maintain a full ship, you'll be lucky to generate about 1.5k - 2.3k initial cut payout per jobber on the Wild Seas. If your ship isn't full, with or without swabbies, even if only one spot is open, you'll be restricted to 500 PoE - 1.3k per battle.

3. Brigand King expos you get from battles are have gotten worse significantly. The frays have gone from 15 v 25 or 18 v 27 to things like 12 v 32, 18 v 40 which even at a perfect bnav score of Max-0, is highly unwinnable.

4. The way payouts are calculated after each battle is highly calculated. Things that raise your pay or at least keep your pay steady: Having a full ship, winning frays. Things that significantly lower your pay: Losing a fray, a jobber hopping off the ship even if temporarily, having a green named player aboard, re-charting, doing expos, going to use the bathroom. Ok maybe not the last one but point is, way too many things lower your pay in a pillage and there is no reason why the entire ship needs to be penalized simply because a jobber has to go.

I have done the following actions to try to get a fix or even some kind of acknowledgement that the issues exist and they are or are not able to fix it: Submitted many detailed bug reports, posted information about the problems on the forum in games design as advied by the OMs, sent petitions and received generic copy/paste answers telling me to bug report/post on the forums some more, sent direct mails to the developers showing details about the bugs, and asked for help over global chat.

I don?t want to have to quit a game I?ve enjoyed for the last 13 years, no do I wish to quit pillaging as I believe it is the backbone of the game and a lot of people enjoy the action but when it has gotten to the point of misery, I have to step aside too. If the intention of the swabbie update was to turn pillaging into ?Having 3 people lazing on grand frigates taking battles and farming lots of greedy trinkets?, then the update was indeed successful, but to me this is not what Pillages are. The update was great and has allowed a lot of people the chance to take ships out to sea without being at the mercy of the notice board. I am not advocating for a reversal of the update, just some kind of fix to the bugs.

The following links on the forums have more details, if you wish to help get it fixed or want more details:

Game Design > Thread: Have spawns and the booty ramp been impacted by the swabbie change?

Game Design > Thread: Swabbie update impact on the Wild Seas

My name is Stan, and my love for Pillaging is fading

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