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Posted by boroboy1 at Nov 4, 2018 1:49:14 PM
Amateur Hour Shoppe Giveaway - War Frig Race
As part our our promise in our blockade intent thread Amateur Hour is proud to present our first shoppe giveaway on Melanaster!

This Wednesday (7th November) at 2pm Game Time we are hosting a War Frigate race across the blockade board. The first flag to get their Frigate from one side to the other will win a shoppe of their choosing on Melanaster. The race will be ran from the Island side of the board to the ocean side.

If your flag wishes to take part and you do not have access to a War Frigate on Melanaster please contact any Royal of Amateur Hour and we will hook you up.


1st Place - Shoppe of your choosing on Melanaster
2nd Place - 1 War Frigate
3rd Place - 1 War Galleon


Only 1 War Frigate per flag may participate in the event - any flag that fields more than 1 War Frigate on the blockade board will be disqualified.

You are only allowed 5 humans on board the vessel including your navigator.

Cannon's are ineffective, ram away - if you want to take that risk ;)

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