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Posted by Lotus_elise3 at Oct 29, 2018 11:14:08 AM
Anole Garden - Guerrilla Warfare?s Plans
Anole Garden - Planning Ahead

Blockading is arguably the best aspect of YPP. With the ocean being so young, and the lack of 200K poker tables, PoE is harder to come by, and it?s hard for Obsidian to match older ocean?s usual 9,999/segment blockades.

Guerrilla Warfare is looking for flags who haven?t had a chance to get on the blockade board to come fight for Anole Garden. We will kill off the Admiral Finius BK that has attacked the island, and then open it up to any flag that wants to come battle for it. Ideally, we will have two or more flags approach us with a desire to blockade, and go from there with setting up a pay and jobber cap agreement between the flags.

Guerrilla Warfare will defend Anole Garden within the terms of agreement, but will utilize this opportunity to give members of our flag who have only had limited blockading experience to have a chance to get on the board.

We will hand over the deeds to the two shipyards on Anole Garden to the winner of the island.
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