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Posted by Phaerie2 at Oct 29, 2018 6:09:35 AM
Re: new set of skellie/zombie.
It would be nice if they would just lower the requirements needed to see the mission on the NB making it available to more pirates. Instead of tying it to SF and Rumble stats why not link it to the players puzzle experience instead.

For example, make the undead missions visible to a player that has put in the time and puzzling to get Gunning (Requires Bilging, either Carpentry or Patching, and either Rigging or Sailing to be at Apprentice or higher) and/or Advanced Navy Missions (A pirate must have at least broad experience in bilge, either sailing or rigging, either carpentry or patching, and gunnery for all advanced navy missions except defeating brigands. All of these missions contribute to player rating and experience in the specific puzzle and pay a wage relative to the player's performance.)

This was discussed in the Obsidian Beta Suggestions thread over a year ago but I think it deserves more discussion. If there has been an individual thread for this previously I don't have the PP forums search-fu to find it.

I know this has been brought up in the past but I don't see it on this thread. Can the requirements for skellies/zombies be lowered or eliminated? It's annoying enough on the other oceans, but since Obsidian's playerbase is so elite, it's very difficult for most people to get ranked high enough for the mission.
The conversation about hemp prices is interesting, and enlightening. But this gem of a post got buried in there.

I once suggested (to at least mild approval) the idea of using experience in some ways to help lower the standing needed for spawning skellie/zombie missions. Obsidian is both better than normal oceans (less islands to check manually) and worse than other oceans (higher average player skill) when it comes to finding them, so I'm not sure how I feel about treating skellies/zombies different on Obsidian.

I heartily agree with this. Years later and Monster Hunting is still my favourite part of the game.

Fray circles are a great way for new players to get to know older salts and experience the social aspect of the game. Also a really good way for them to practice their fighting and teaming skills with no risk of endangering a ship fray to the ire of other players.

I would also suggest that the frays would be a way for players to win smaller, less valuable items, but ones that would make a difference to some who are struggling with in-game wealth. Award a doubloon, a halfway decent weapon, basic storage furniture (chest, rack, trunk, wardrobe etc) every now and again instead of the map.

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