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Posted by Kaizokage at Oct 28, 2018 4:27:43 PM
new set of skellie/zombie.
hey everybody, i've thought of a couple new ideas on how to breathe in some new life on our undead scene(pun intended)

alot of aspect in the game have gotten a new breath of air, except our skellies and zombies. once you got the trophy's they really aren't worth joining anymore. i have an idea to change that.

right now we got the 1k pay out, randomized SMH chart and a trinket for the survivors. but we can do better.

what i'm proposing is a new Fam, pets, trinkets and a whole new item that will make them all come true.

instead of getting the 1k payout each. let the winners receive an undead chest(they still pay the 100 poe wager...up for debate)
this undead chest may contain but is not limited to:

-500 to 2000 poe
-random new trinkets that can be exchanged at a trading outpost for new undead furniture, ship furniture designs or even ship designs
-new pets, such as an undead or skellie small dog/cat.
-new Familiar, i would say a bat is a very good fit.

All ideas are up for debate, but in the end it's just my idea to try and breathe in some new life on the skellie and zombie frays.

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