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Posted by Seapint at Oct 28, 2018 11:16:33 AM
Re: Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018! [Entry Thread]
I first joined in Sept 2007 so the first event I took part in was Ye Dread Dead: A Reanimation Miscalculation that Halloween so I decided on recreating the trophy I got from taking part in that! dead last baby

Apologies in advance, my phone is old and it's the only camera I have.

Pirate Name: Enforcer
Ocean: Obsidian
Creation Link: 1
Creation Link: 2
Creation Link: 3
Unlit Link: Made with blood sweat and more blood
Lit Link:Low light 1
Low light 2 1 2
Edit: added some in lower light instead of absolute darkness™
Bonus Link: Kitteh noooo
Seapint of Emerald ocean
Enforcer of Obsidian ocean
Avatar by me
Drawing avatars and stuff visit:
This thing here

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