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Posted by Nachodip_ at Oct 23, 2018 1:47:15 PM
Re: GH Policy Regarding Blockade Closures
Grief Drop is basically when an attacking flag drops a war chest on the Island, but doesn't bother to show up on the day.


And what determines "not showing up"? No jobbing notice? Jobbing notice but not hiring jobbers? Jobbing notice, hiring jobbers, but not going onto the board? Jobbing notice, hiring jobbers, going onto the board, and sitting next to the safe zone? Etc...

I ask this because there is an enormous difference between a "grief drop", a "drop of attrition", and a multi-island drop. Letting one round, at one island, go uncontested in a multi-island attack is not griefing. Hence, "what constitutes griefing".

Pretty sure OM's started considering drops based on attrition as grief drops a few years ago now

Edit: It's pretty simple.

A grief drop = Dropping on an island without the intent to win the island or the use of what would be considered malicious actions (purposely under jobbing/shipping ect as a means of attrition)
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