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Posted by majestrate at Oct 22, 2018 3:39:02 PM
Re: GH Policy Regarding Blockade Closures
Sorry for the double post

Filthyjake wrote: 
maj wrote: 
Define a grief drop please.

Grief Drop: A drop to annoy the apposing flag

Griefing refers to harassment of another player. In Puzzle Pirates, this includes sending abusive or threatening messages, stalking, and other forms of social abuse, but especially refers to in-game actions intended to cause pain and frustration, such as frequently-repeated PvP attacks on the same ship, nuisance blockades, etc.

Griefing is a violation of the terms of service

FFS Jake. What constitutes a grief drop? If you don't understand what I'm asking, then we should just stop replying to one another.

Filthyjake wrote: 
If a flag is seriously blockading they need to deposit a realistic war chest. When was the last time a contested kade cost 125k the war chest for a large.

100 jobbers @ 1k =100,000 poe per seg 500,000 per round. 1,500,000 for 3 rounds.

Disagree. Increasing war chest costs is not the answer. There are flags that are already hesitant to get into the blockade scene, increasing war chest costs is just one more reason for those flags to not bother dipping their toe in the pool.

Most kades pay a minimum of 4-5k per segment. I don't see where a reasonable war chest deters anyone as if they don't understand that its going to cost millions they shouldn't probably drop as they are not serious or have failed to math it out and again are not serious as they failed to think it through the cost of the kade.

It is possible for flags to negotiate terms of blockading, part of which includes pay cap. You can also have ship size limits, ship quantity limits, and jobber caps. Blockades don't have to cost 7 million for 3 rounds for flags that are looking to try their hand at blockading to see if it's something they're interested in.

Discouraging new entrants into the blockade scene is bad for the game. Period. The result is a stagnant ocean where it's the same handful of flags blockading one another. To think otherwise is absurdly short-sighted.

maj wrote: 
Resets every 2-3 ? months? blockades? punishment 2 or punishment 3?

Also, what resets, the level you're at?

Filthyjake wrote: 
Yes, Months from the last offence. It hurts the game and the defending flag a fair amount to prep for nothing but a no-show.

I don't see why a flag should have to defend multiple rounds prior to closing the kade, the Increased war chest was a way to make the Attacker cover the pay that would be bleed from the defender as it is reasonable if increased where as it sits now. 125k isn't enough pay for a brig 20@1k=20k seg 100k a round and they have stock ship moving cost ect.... 25k barely covers the cost of a sloop for one round.

A NO-Show or Un Contested round should not be funded by the defenders expense, as the attackers use this as a bleed. Attacker pays much less then the defender for the one round and increasing it to multiple rounds increases the ability to bleed them.

In the arena of multi-island drops, it is inevitable that a round will go uncontested. And I don't think that's unreasonable. If I've won a round at Island1 and didn't do anything at Island2, I should be able to shift everything I've got to Island2 and let Island1 sit uncontested for a round.

If you do too much to shield island defenders, then you're going to have an ocean of island sitters, which is also a bad thing for the livelihood of an ocean.

Never thought I'd be speaking in favor of blockades, but there it is. How sad.
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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