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Posted by majestrate at Oct 22, 2018 3:15:03 PM
Re: GH Policy Regarding Blockade Closures
Sorry for the double post

Nachodip wrote: 
maj wrote: 
What does actively jobbing mean? If I am attacking 2 islands and I send 75% of my jobbers to Island1 and 25% to Island2, I might never send a ship into Island2 because I'm loading a WF, but I'm actively jobbing pirates onto the ship I intend to send in.

This is exactly my point. If you're on the NB and trying to job for an island (actively jobbing, if you will) but you've sen't 75% of your jobbers to another island and can't actually enter at island 2, why should they close the blockade on island 2?

They should close it because it's an uncontested blockade. Otherwise, I can just "actively" load a WF by only sending 1% of my jobbers to the ship at Island2 and all the rest to the ships at Island1.
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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