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Posted by majestrate at Oct 22, 2018 1:00:24 PM
Re: GH Policy Regarding Blockade Closures
Nachodip_ wrote: 
As I said, you can define contesting by actively jobbing. So in the scenario you just said where a flag doesn't show up til R3, the blockades would already have been closed after R1 because I said you only get the 2 round pass if you actively job the entire time.

What does actively jobbing mean? If I am attacking 2 islands and I send 75% of my jobbers to Island1 and 25% to Island2, I might never send a ship into Island2 because I'm loading a WF, but I'm actively jobbing pirates onto the ship I intend to send in.

Filthyjake wrote: 
I think and easy fix to grief like behavior is to increase War Chest Requirements to come more in line with Kade Pay...

For outpost islands, the war chest is at least 25,000 PoE.
For medium islands, the war chest is at least 75,000 PoE.
For large islands, the war chest is at least 125,000 PoE.

even at a pitiful 1k per jobber and only a single WB with 20 jobber cost 20,000 per segment, and 100k for the round. I can't think of the last time 1k was the pay on active oceans. Most people who kade know its going to cost a minimum of 1M in jobber pay for just about anything other then a flag sit.

I would think a Minimum increase in War Chest of double could help however think 4x would be a larger fair deterrent. That is fair compensation to the flag for attacking and no showing, it will cover their ship moving cost ect. allso allows them to host some trash talking tournies with the MIA flags poe.

Add penalties, Grief Drop or no show: Resets every 2-3
1 Warning
2 Lose ability to drop chest for 1 month
3 Lose ability to drop chest for 3 months

EDIT increase it 10 x 40x would be better.

Disagree. Increasing war chest costs is not the answer. There are flags that are already hesitant to get into the blockade scene, increasing war chest costs is just one more reason for those flags to not bother dipping their toe in the pool.

Define a grief drop please.

Resets every 2-3 ? months? blockades? punishment 2 or punishment 3?

Also, what resets, the level you're at?
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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