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Posted by majestrate at Oct 20, 2018 7:14:41 PM
GH Policy Regarding Blockade Closures
Dearest friends at GH, I'm posting to request that you consider a change to how you approach blockade closure requests when there is one flag spread across multiple islands (regardless of whether that flag is the attacker or defender).

While I appreciate, and agree with, the stance that if an attacker isn't active in a round, then the blockade should be ended, I do not beleve that it should be the only guidance being applied. In instances where a flag is dealing with multiple islands, I believe that for each round they win, they should be allowed to let one round go uncontested.

My reasoning is that in instances of multi-island drops, the strategy is normally approached from a holistic view, not a per-round, per-island view.

In my opinion, if the attacker has the round advantage (meaning they've won more than they've lost), the blockade should be kept open until such time that the attacker no longer has the lead (meaning a tie or the defender is ahead in rounds won). Once the attacker loses the lead in rounds won, they should be given 1 round to show that they are still contesting before the blockade is shutdown.


Attacker wins rd1 at Island A
Attacker focuses on Island B and loses rd2 at Island A
Attacker should be allowed all of rd3 to contest before the OM acts on any petition to end the blockade due to it being uncontested
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