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Posted by hidemyhoney at Oct 19, 2018 5:35:04 PM
Re: Factions and Competitions
While Factions have zero real value other then bribes you pay it could have some value if a few efforts were made.

Such as the current competition, why have factions teamed with each other? This would be a fun way to see which faction can combine efforts to win... yes its a nothing prize but the factions are a nothing team team.

On that note when way back during launch there was talk about factions being switchable. Is this still the plan?

/e votes for striping factions as they are a joke and just make the game look less appealing as they seem like a big deal but are really hold zero effect on game play as pvp became a joke and he bribes to port are minimal.


Factions were only relevant because of PvP's we all know that PvPs were a joke because of people running away all the time. Then Owl bashing just ruined everything causing Factions to be irrelevant, where were at a point now that so much of the game content is irrelevant and needs new content maybe a new puzzle instead of the same 22.

With Competitions they are really just making them harder and harder to win, I only know like 2-3 people that can actually win a crafting competition in 1 hour. There should be more competitions, back when there used to be 4 a month, now you rarely see one, for once every 2 months. I understand its to stop people from double cilenting on multiple oceans to win them, and to increase the familar value, but at the same time its hurting the gameplay activity, giving less incentive for players to puzzle. No wonder they all go onto the poker tables or don't bother logging on at all because pillages are all screwed up.

There has been no update on the game for past 6 months, which is pathetic imo.
Competitions are now over. boohoo

Yumisa is hawt. Thanks for avvie

A fellow victim of neglect, from YPP.

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