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Posted by mitsu999 at Oct 16, 2018 11:35:46 AM
“Get Out of Cade Sim” Event
Several flags have been using Cade Sim to practice their ability to nav against each other and claim bragging rights. Well, it’s time to take the competition to the real game with real ships at stake and let everyone try to win prizes rather than islands.

What is this?

    • Event Cade at Melanaster between noon and 3pm game time on Monday, October 22

      o sinking
      o sloops, cutters, dhow, fanchuans, longships, war brigs
      o 3 rounds
      o ignore alliances
      o maneuvers

    • Any flag may compete
    • Flags use their own jobber pay, ships and stock to enter
    • Jobber pay reimbursement (guaranteed minimum 3M PoE total reimbursement):

      o At the end of each round: For any flag entering and gaining at least 20 points in that round, Grumbles will be paying a designated royal in each flag 150k for jobber pay at end of the round, plus an extra 50K to the winner of each round. NOTE: Gembert and Evilaurian have added 1M to the pool for this event specifically for jobber pay in addition to PoE from Grumbles.
      o At the end of the event cade, if less than 3M has been paid to cover jobber pay at the end of the cade, additional PoE (up to 3M total for all jobber pay reimbursements) will be provided and equally distributed to any flag scoring at least 20 points total in the cade (summed across all rounds).

    • Jobber pay cap 4k – flags going over 4k for jobber pay in any round (for any length of time) will not be eligible for jobber pay reimbursement in that round.
    • First 4 places will be determined by the order of Flags that YPP posts at the end of the event cade.


The top 4 flags at the end of the cade will also receive well-stocked ships (perhaps to add to or start your flag's cade fleet???) as follows:

    • 1st place: War Frig, Cade Win, ported at PV with 6,900 lcb and 2,069 rum
    • 2nd place: Inferno War Brig, Scorching Eel, ported at Lionhaven with 3,069 mcb and 569 rum
    • 3rd place: Chocolate War Brig, Hospitable Pike, ported at Lionhaven with 2,069 mcb and 469 rum
    • 4th place: Plain War Brig, Humble Hagfish, ported at Night Harbour with 1,569 mcb and 369 rum
    NOTE: Competing flag royalty will have to determine who / how to distribute the winnings to navers, cade fleet, or others in their flags.

Hope to see you all in game and competing.

Special thanks to Greeniguana and Scar from Consider it Sunk for helping set up this event.
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