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Posted by Parallax93 at Oct 13, 2018 9:19:25 AM
Everyones CI got bugged when we landed on island.
Hi hi, Subhadra ran a CI where once we landed, everyone was stuck on ship.
Then we got into the first rumble, everyones puzzles froze, besides Subhadras (she was the only one till the very end who could rumble), and when we got eliminated, it was due to some connection problem.

Swordfights were okay besides some of the screen being glitched out.

Next rumble ended up as the first one and third aswell.

We werent able to leave island since the game was bugged.

Some pics, cant really capture the frozen rumble, but the glitched out chat can be seen.

Parallax on Meridian and Obsidian
Beggar on Emerald

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