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Posted by Zenithar at Oct 1, 2018 4:02:45 PM
Re: Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests

why are the listed tax value 10x more than actual yoweb tax values?

The sales tax is 10% of the estimated oceanwide use value.

Do you have anything to back up that claim? I've looked at a lot of stuff written by OOO/GH, and have found nothing that says what, exactly, the sales tax is. Also, by "use value", do you mean "use cost"? If so,whatever the game uses to calculate the sales tax includes a lot more than just that.

I've seen the sales tax uses to estimate the value of a good before, but in practice, I found it wasn't that good at that. In practice, stuff selling on the dock side market is more than 10x the sales tax rate, for consumer items, it can be even worse.

Either from a forum post or the wiki - I certainly didn't come up with the number and distinctly recall reading, to paraphrase, "Sales tax is 10% the estimated use cost." - It's not a personal conclusion but just something I took as a known given. It's been a bit since I just dove through the wiki and forums - I'll see if I can find where I read it. I'd treat it regardless as "Anecdotal/Unsubstantiated" versus solid, seeing as I really can't tell where I picked it up from.

What I can at least say, (anecdotally, Obsidian-specific) in support of it is that NPC deliveries definitely seem to factor in approximately (10 x Sales Tax) as a factor for whether or not they supply you, which is why I have it on my sheet as a quick reference number.

I personally consider your dataset to be a better predictor of oceanwide prices with the tax value - lagging behind, if I had to put words to it. 10 x Sales Tax does actually tend to track remarkably well with your Sell/Buy values for the highest-volume commodities. (Iron and Wood have had all three estimate lines line up right on the middle of the demand curve. Everything else gets weirder IMO due to either low prices and a lack of fractions (Sugar cane, Hemp) or low volume.

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