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Posted by Zenithar at Sep 26, 2018 2:17:57 PM
Re: Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests
nice spreadsheet.

A few comments:

1) how do you get the doubloon costs? I've always wanted to track it, but could never find an automated way of getting it. And, for Obsidian, since I can't use steam, I can't even manually look at the exchange.

2) In my system, I compute the profit per LABOR hour, not just the wall clock hour. This is especially important for things like shipyards where you can end up making a lot more profit per day on some things than others since can burn through a lot of labor quickly on a single order.

3) do you take into account that stalls have a much lower per-wallclock hour max labor throughput for expert labor? For rum, this is critical, since shops can make rum non-stop, but stalls can't.

4) I notice you have a column labeled "manual sort". I don't know if it helps, but in this game design post, I give a link to all commodities that show up in the dockside market, in the order that the game uses (along with kg and liters).

5) Last, and really minor, but I doubt most people recognize me as wayne schlitt, but rather as either algol or wrs1864b. even better, using a term like "market value" or something might be more helpful to your users.

1) Right now they're a manually-entered box. If I'm still involved in the game after finishing the basic spreadsheets I'll eventually manually curate (IE physically log in and write down the data) for the doubloon market and shop wages to eventually autopopulate them. That's a project for later though.

2)& 3) All 'production' calculations take into account max throughput per shop type per labor type. If people edit their number of employees their maximum production, and associated profit/hour, will adjust accordingly.

I chose to target profit/wallclockhour because the main thing I'm doing with my shops is producing commodities for sale - for me it's important to know what the most profitable thing per wallclock time is because that's how I calculate my ROI and where to make a new shop next - anybody enjoying the shop dataset can actually add profit/laborhour as a column relatively simply with all the other nearby data.

4) The manual column exists only because I was fighting with Google Sheets RegEx. After fighting RegEx to work with array-based calls for 30 minutes I figured since the recipes were all static I'd just manually order them the way I wanted because they're unlikely to change in the future.

Originally it would have dynamically calculated unit costs and such based on the recipe entry but it was way more effort than it was worth to allow for dynamically changing recipes.

5) Yeah I wasn't sure what specifically to call that dataset, but I wanted to make it clear it was an externally-calculated thing that I didn't know the internals of, that was being provided as extra information and another factor for looking at. I could swap to calling it 'External Reference' or something - Just wanted to be clear to any users of the datasheet that I wasn't the one calculating it, and my default is to attribute everything as best I can.

In the underlying datasheets everything is organized by attributed source. Please let me know if you'd like attribution anywhere else as well.

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